Our Values

Our values are important to us. These are the non-negotiable minimum standards to which all our work and dealings apply. These values are not a high aspiration we strive for, but rather the way we do business. When we are true to our values, our clients know it.


We take a customer-driven approach rather than a provider or product driven approach. We start with the client’s needs and customise our approach to optimise outcomes.


We want our clients to have energy and buy-in around the reasons we were hired in the first place and we consciously work to transfer skill and knowledge where applicable. This helps ensure a system which is self-reinforcing and sustaining.

Ethical Practice

Ethical practice means never compromising our own integrity or that of our clients. We won’t try to “sell in” products and services that don’t address the true underlying issues. Practicing in an ethical manner means that we work in the best interests of our clients, not us.


Leadership to us means being at the forefront of the latest thinking from around the world so we can bring the best to our clients. We believe that we can make a powerful difference in the world, both through leaders and by being leaders. The bottom line is people living more fulfilling lives in a sustainable way.


We strive to be bold and different as consultants. We demonstrate and model the behaviours that we ask of our clients, whether they are a senior leader or a team that feels stuck. We need to be prepared to go to the hard places to help our clients.


Our clients rightly expect work of the highest quality – accurate, valuable, on time, on budget and with no surprises. It also means having the best people working for us to be the best solution for the client.


We have a strong sense of doing what is right for the community. We have a desire for a world that is peaceful, equitable and where people are honest with one another. We value spouses, children and family. We want everyone to have the opportunity to grow and be the best they can be, whatever this means for them.