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Choose from our range of programs tailored to you
and your organisation.


About people, not processes.

Leadership Development is at the heart of every high performance organisation and it is real leadership, not management that delivers a competitive advantage.

There’s a lot written about organisational culture and culture change today – and views of what culture means and how important it is to an organisation’s success are diverse.


Key steps to consider before making
a cultural change.


Key steps to consider before making a
cultural change.

Team Development focuses on building effective teams along with real leadership as the most important drivers of organisational performance. We know that in many contexts real teams can produce extraordinary performance beyond what those same individuals could achieve acting in isolation. However we know from working with thousands of teams over a long period that becoming a high performing team requires ongoing commitment, focus and support.

The Executive Coaching Program is 6 months of one-on-one coaching and involves a unique relationship between coach and coachee where traditional coaching is transcended though the service of not only immediate organisational and business goals but also higher order goals and aspirations. Our primary focus for executive coaching is The Seven Spheres of Leadership Mastery.


One-on-one coaching for
extraordinary results

Integrated Programs

The key to achieving exemplary execution is to integrate leadership, strategy and execution.


Insight, Clarity, Action


Turning Your Ideas Into Impact Bringing Great Solutions To Life


Choose from our range of services tailored to you
and your organisation.

Progams and Services | The Leadership Sphere

Through our partnership with Actionable Conversations™ – an innovative training and development platform that blends eLearning, face-to-face classroom facilitation and accountability

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Executive Coaching | The Leadership Sphere

Sales margins, procurement expenditure, industrial relations… there is often substantial opportunity to deliver better outcomes. Negotiation Partners is a team of professional negotiators with deep expertise across industries and negotiation challenges.

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Progams and Services | The Leadership Sphere

TakeON! is a program for improving business performance that gets people working together on what matters most.

The results are immediate and measurable.

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