Our consultants, facilitators and coaches all are carefully selected, trained and accredited. This is a given. We also go one step further however, ensuring that there is a fit between the client engagement team and clients. There is little doubt that because we build authentic, trusting relationships with our clients, we can be more effective in a shorter period of time.

We find that many consulting firms do not employ tried and tested methodologies to the engagement, whether it be workshop facilitation, executive coaching, or consulting. Our proprietary methodologies are based on the latest research and experience from leading consultants around the world. We also invest heavily in our own professional development to keep abreast of relevant case studies, new processes and empirical research.

We sometimes find that prospective clients are cautious about engaging outside consultants, facilitators and coaches. This is usually due to previous experience with providers who (1) over promise and under deliver; (2) are difficult to deal with or (3) failed to identify a mismatch between their skills and client needs. We think you have a right to adopt a prudent approach and consider any associated risks. What we do know however – and what our clients tell us regularly – is that they engage us because we are a “safe pair of hands”. This doesn’t mean that we don’t challenge appropriately however – you can find hundreds of companies out there who will tell you what they think you need to hear.

In most cases, we will provide you with a clear estimate of likely time frames and the investment at our first (in-person) meeting. This provides all parties with a clear understanding of what is required to achieve a successful outcome.

Quality of service to us means that agreed objectives are met and that the relationship between the client engagement team and the clients is maintained or strengthened. Projects and expenses are managed well.

We routinely measure the level of satisfaction with our services and benchmark what we do against the agreed objectives. We encourage clients to think about outcomes in terms of their people development and business goals rather than just the easier “feel-good” measures after a program.

We operate a transparent business model where there is a clear scope of work with clear objectives. Costs are fixed up front so there are no surprises. In fact, you will have an idea of costs at our first meeting.

Our consultants, coaches and facilitators have a long track record of delivering measurable results. We have a unique 7-step proprietary process developed over twenty years to help our clients achieve individual, team and organisational transformation. Our people have published various articles and books that are held in high regard in the industry, and we have a reputation in the market place for excellence and a focus on results that is the envy of many firms.

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