Experience breakthroughs
for new possibilities


We provide workshop facilitation services for small groups, teams or large conferences. Our facilitators are expert in group facilitation processes that allow groups and teams experience breakthroughs for new possibilities.

We typically work with CEOs and senior teams to establish a base line in terms of business priorities and team dynamics, help the leader and team articulate a powerful desired state and plan to get there, and then help and support the team to execute the plan.

 We Offer:

  • Group / team facilitation
  • Large conference / workshop facilitation / MC role
  • Masterful transformational facilitation

Features and Benefits:

  • Create business and personal breakthroughs not thought possible
  • Focused and outcome orientated (e.g. critical success factors)
  • Sustainable systemic change
  • Energised participants
  • Enhanced team dynamics – typically more open communication, clear historical blockers, higher levels of trust, and constructive feedback and feedforward mechanisms

Our Approach:

Powerful transformational facilitators work with groups and teams to explore how thoughts and feelings; values and beliefs; and needs impact on our experience of the world and how others experience us.

We create a safe space to ‘unblock’ individuals and groups and to enable real conversations to occur. We also focus on providing a real environment so that new learnings can be practically applied when teams return to work.

Every TLS Facilitator possesses the following key qualities or skills:

  • Generative Listening (deep listening and open to paradigm shifts occuring in themselves)
  • Reading the group
  • Summarising and clarifying
  • Gives encouragement
  • Asks great open-ended questions
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Allows silence to ‘do the heavy lifting’
  • Stays calm and focused, especially when observing emotion
  • Demonstrates warmth and humour.
  • Empathising; showing sensitivity, without judgement
  • Challenges perceptions, values, beliefs and behaviours
  • Uses metaphors and imagery
  • Is couragous in service of the group
  • Creates breakthroughs through insightful observation
  • Displays deep caring and respect for each participant