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Individual Level

Flexibility and Trust Survey – Increase Leadership Agility

Agile leaders create agile workplaces. To create an agile workplace you need flexible leaders. Flexible leaders are open minded, adaptable, willing to change their minds when faced with fresh evidence. Flexible leaders focus is not on themselves but on others so as to determine what their needs are, how they can be adapted to ensure mutual needs satisfaction.

This approach will improve your organisations ability to adapt to change whilst also increasing the trust level between individuals.


Valluable observer feedback across key components of interpersonal effectiveness in work relationships.


Individuals to pinpoint and improve their emotional intelligence to grow their effectiveness in workplace relationships.


Tools and advice for Leaders and Managers on how to develop their Agility. Flexibility and Trust building agility.

What does the Survey Do?

  1. Provides valuable observer feedback on a leaders flexibility and ability to build trust.
  2. Pinpoints areas of growth for effective relationships.
  3. Provides tools and advice for leaders to become more Agile.

The Survey In-Depth

Measures in depth the levels of: Flexibility and its three sub scales: Interpersonal Warmth, Interpersonal Understanding and Interpersonal Encouragement. Trust and its two sub scales: Communication and Consistency

SECTION 1: Interpersonal Flexibility Measures the degree to which an individual is approachable and easy to work with, seeks to build mutual understanding, gives encouragement, and their willingness to adapt their behaviour to relate well to other people

SECTION 2: Interpersonal Trust Measures an individual’s overall level of trust-building ability as perceived by others. Observers measure the degree to which the individual operates by the eight values that build trust.

ADDITIONAL: Development Notes The Flexibility and Trust Survey is accompanied by comprehensive development notes that outline desired behaviours and development recommendations for increasing flexibility and trust building ability.