Org-Alignment-Survey-1500x400 Employee Passion Survey

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The Employee Passion Survey – Build a Culture of Trust and Passion

Employees who are passionate about the work they do and the organisations they work for are more likely to be retained long term, have increased customer loyalty and will put in the extra effort to get the job done.

Experience tells us that employees need to be emotionally connected to both their work place and the work they do to for them to perform at their best. Research has found that 78% of employees are passionate about their work yet half of these workers are emotionally disconnected from their organisation.

The key to creating a high performing organisation is to create a work environment where employees love coming to work.


Employee feedback on the degree the five needs that ignite passion are being satisfied and the overall level of trust in the organisation. In addition, three open item questions gather valuable anonymous verbatim comments from employees.


How well team members believe the organisation is operating by the eight Values that Build Trust® and the impact that trust, or lack of it, is having on team members passion for what they do and for the organisation.


The impact management behaviour is having on the organisation, focusing on the five employee needs that ignite passion; to be respected, to learn and grow, to be an insider, to do meaningful work and to be on a winning team.

What does the Survey Do?

  1. Measures the degree to which employees believe their “intrinsic” needs are being satisfied.
  2. Pinpoints problem areas at department and team level to create change initiatives.
  3. Measures the level of trust employees have for your organization and its management.
  4. Creates a culture of trust, Personal Responsibility and Passion.

The Survey In-Depth

SECTION 1 The Passion Index Focuses on the five employee needs that ignite passion.

SECTION 2 Behaviours that Build Trust Measures overall levels of trust in the organization, as perceived by the employees across the eight values that support the behaviours. Shows the gap between employee expectations and organizational performance.

SECTION 3 Employee Passion Report Shows the overall percentages of employees who identify themselves at each of the five levels of passion.