Take the Necessary Steps to Achieve Your Goals 

Executives, leaders, and managers frequently create individual development plans to identify, develop and improve specific competencies. This process, which often includes 360° evaluation and feedback, does an effective job of identifying issues and raising awareness. However, it rarely includes any formal process to support follow-through on the resulting personal development goals and objectives set in the individual development plans.

Actively Support and Manage the Follow-Through Process

The fastest and most effective way to improve outcomes and return on investment from development planning initiatives is to actively support and manage the follow-through process. ResultsEngine, designed to work seamlessly with the Leadership Circle Profile and The Leadership Circle workshops, provides a web-based support system for the individual combined with a manager and/or coach’s communication link to facilitate asynchronous coaching and feedback. ResultsEngine is powered by the Fort Hill Company.

Results Engine Highlights

  • Reminders: Sends emails automatically to the user with a reminder of development objectives and provides a link to a personal ResultsEngine site.
  • Teaches: GuideMe™ is a unique, just-in-time online mentor that suggests practical goal-specific actions the user can take to make continuous progress.
  • Coaches: Facilitates requesting and receiving feedback. The system sends an email to the individual’s executive coach and/or manager with a link to the update and a built-in feedback form. The executive coach or manager can communicate back to the user through email with targeted feedback and support based on the most recent progress update.
  • Monitors: Provides selected leaders the ability to track progress and communicate with users.
  • Documents: Creates a record of actions taken on the development plan, progress made and feedback received, which facilitates the evaluation of results and behavior change.

Results Engine Implementation Support

  • User Guide: We provide materials for each user and selected leaders detailing the development follow-through process and how to use the ResultsEngine system.
  • Website: We establish a personalized development site with a secure individual account for each user.
  • Getting Started: Once users have set their development goals with their manager or coach, they are prompted by email to log in and input their goals at the beginning of the process.
  • Update Schedule: Email reminders to update progress are sent according to the client’s specific plan–typically once a month over a six month period.