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The Leadership Sphere has at its disposal a large library of the latest tools, surveys and resources to enhance our practice. We are proud to present a selection for you on our site.

The Strategic Alignment Survey

The Strategic Alignment Survey measures four key areas that have an impact on employee alignment and engagement and provides feedback by division, business unit, location and work teams across the organisation.

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Team Alignment Questionnaire

The TAQ has been used for 20 years to identify the key areas that determine team effectiveness. The two dimensions measured by the report are:

  • Team Structure which measures the level of clarity and agreement there is in the team of their Purpose, Values, Vision, Goals, Procedures and Roles.
  • Team Trust Level which measures each team members perception of the level of trust there is in the team.

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Team Member Rating

The Team Member Rating™, also a 360-degree assessment, is used within a team to identify team members’ perceptions of each other’s contribution to the team in three areas:

  • Personal Contribution… to the team climate
  • Interpersonal Contribution… to the team process
  • Task Contribution… to the team results

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