HDS Hogan Development Survey (HDS)

hogan-development-survey Hogan Development Survey (HDS)The HDS assessment is an inventory that highlights strengths and potential barriers to an individual’s personal and career development. It measures the ‘The Dark Side of Personality’.

What it Measures

The Hogan Development Survey (HDS) assesses 11 patterns of interpersonal behaviour that are most often seen during times of stress and heavy workloads. These behaviours are: excitable, sceptical, cautious, reserved, leisurely, bold, mischievous, colourful, imaginative, diligent and dutiful.

These behaviours may impact on the individual’s ability to develop strong working relationships with others, hinder their productivity or limit their overall career potential. Once these behaviours have been recognised, we can provide coaching to help the person address them and compensate where necessary.

What it Applies To

  • Personal development – the HDS aids personal development by identifying behaviour patterns that might need attention
  • Team development – the HDS evaluates how a person will perform as part of a team and allows them to avoid tendencies that may damage working relationships
  • Strategic career planning – the HDS can be used in conjunction with a measure of normal personality (HPI) and a measure of values (MVPI) to provide an in-depth picture of the person’s overall strengths and shortcomings

Features and Benefits

  • Provides in-depth information about interpersonal problems that are difficult to detect in an interview
  • Particularly useful for people who manage others, work in teams and/or in high-stress situations
  • An exceptional development tool that identifies career-derailing tendencies, so they can be addressed
  • Non-clinical constructs that predict tendencies that may impede normal career progress
  • Australian or Global norms available