The Small Group Assessment is a cost effective way to map the values of a team or group culture of fifteen people or less.

The SGA is available to those who have completed the Part 2 CTT accreditation.


The SGA provides the same data available in a CVA without the full written analysis.

The SGA can generate deep meaningful discussions about what is working and not working in the culture of the team or group you are assessing.

Instead of finding out about the Current and Desired Culture of your organisation, you can ask about the Current and Desired Culture of your team.

The SGA normally uses a standard template of values that does not require customisation.

Key Attributes

Affordable – The SGA provides you with all the data you need for analysing the culture of a team without the full cost of a larger group CVA.

Fast Turnaround – An SGA typically goes from survey initiation to reporting in two to three weeks.

Customisation – You can opt to customise the values template, survey questions, add demographics or instructions at additional cost.


Multiple Languages: The online survey and plots are available in multiple languages. Additional languages can easily be added.

Individual Values Assessments: Individual Values Assessments (IVA) plots and reports can be obtained for each team member at an additional cost.

Espoused Values Analysis: You can also choose to carry out an Espoused Values Analysis (EVA) for the group at an additional cost. This analysis measures the degree to which the espoused values are being lived in the group.

Description of the Small Group Assessment (SGA)

The SGA has been designed as a streamlined, price-friendly alternative to a Cultural Values Assessment (CVA). The SGA report contains a one page summary of findings, along with the key diagrams and data tables that you would normally receive in a CVA report.

Sample SGA

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