Imagine being able to get a comprehensive diagnostic of the culture of your organisation by asking just three simple questions that take around 15 minutes to complete. Furthermore, imagine getting the same detailed report for any demographic grouping you care to list. That is exactly what our flagship cultural values assessment, used by over 2,000 organisations, enables you to do.


The CVA provides you with detailed understanding of the personal motivations of employees, their experience within your organisation, and the direction the organisation should be heading.

CVA results can generate deep, meaningful conversations about the purpose, priorities and strategy of the organisation and the well-being of all stakeholders.

The CVA provides a road map for achieving high performance, full-spectrum resilience and sustainability.

Key Attributes

Short Survey – The survey instrument asks only three questions, is available on-line and requires only 15-20 minutes to complete.

Customisable – The survey may be customised to the specific cultural and demographic needs of the groups being surveyed.

Demographics – The richness of the CVA survey data is determined by the depth of demographic categories you select. There is no limit to the number of group categories you can choose.

Cost Effective – The CVA is affordable for both small and large organisations. Costs are based on the number and type of reports requested, not on the number of survey participants. Reduced fees are available in developing countries and for primary and secondary educational institutions.

Multiple Languages – The survey is currently available in multiple languages or written dialects. Additional languages can easily be added.

Fast Turnaround – A CVA typically goes from survey initiation to reporting in two to four weeks.

Alleviate Survey Fatigue – The CVA assessment can be easily linked to the front or back end of other organisation-wide staff surveys.

Option – You can also choose to carry out an Espoused Values Analysis (EVA) for your organisation or any demographic grouping at a small additional cost. This analysis measures the degree to which the espoused values are being lived in your organisation.

Summary Report

The Summary Report is an Excel spreadsheet which lists assessment results for the overall group and any demographic cut all in one place for ease of sorting and filtering data. (Only available as an accompaniment to purchased reports.) Data includes – Number of participants, Matches, Entropy, Top Values =(Personal, Current, Desired), Values Jumps & IROS Scores.