“I have had the privilege of seeing the results of Phillip Ralph’s work as a leadership coach. He is outstanding. I can highly recommend this book as both practical and inspiring with valuable insights on how leadership in organisations really works.”

Michael Rennie
Managing Partner
McKinsey and Company Australia and New Zealand

“This work exposes many of the myths about leadership and presents a very clear and practical guide to what effective leadership is really about. Any organisation would benefit by following the principles outlined to raise the bar on leadership and organisational performance.”

Louis Hawke
Managing Director of Retail Distribution
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) Melbourne, Australia

“A compelling, insightful and practical guide on leadership. Drawing on wisdom from historical figures, leadership experts and the author’s personal experiences, it is a call to action for leadership in the 21st century. Phillip has done a great job of not only synthesising the latest in leadership theory but adding new and practical insights that will assist anyone who is passionate about their own leadership journey or making a difference in their places of work.”

Mark Priede
Head of Culture Strategy (Australia)
National Australia Bank

“Phillip has done a fine job in debunking the modern myths on leadership, whilst constructing an accessible and eminently applicable model for today’s organisational challenges. He demonstrates that leadership is shared and it’s fluid, and the best leaders are those who enable others to lead, at any level of the organisation. I commend this work to any who want to see real change and growth in themselves and their organisation.”

Greg Camm
Chief Executive Officer
Superpartners Melbourne, Australia

“Engaging style, easy to read, great mix of theory and live experience. Philip Ralph has written a practical handbook for leaders who want to dig deeper, and transform themselves and their organisations. Courage required. Faint¬hearted types advised to steer clear of this book.”

Phil Clothier
Chief Executive Officer
Barrett Values Centre United Kingdom

“Leadership Without Silver Bullets is a must read for anyone who seeks to be a successful leader in today’s world in any capacity, whether in an organisation or the community. Phillip Ralph exposes some of the flaws in traditional leadership thinking and offers a fresh paradigm which calls us all to respond differently to the adaptive challenges we face. The book provides a practical model to use to develop leadership at all levels of an organisation.”

John Fogarty
Chief Executive Officer
St John of God Hospital (Ballarat) Australia

“This is not just another book claiming to deliver the secrets of leadership success. Instead, through the use of thought-provoking examples and practical ideas, Philip shares his unique take on what defines real leaders. The Seven Spheres of Leadership Mastery model will clearly assist organisations and HR professionals by providing a platform and language for discussing leadership capability. It certainly has influenced the way in which I think about what makes a great leader.”

Shaneen Argall
Director, Human Resources
SMS Management & Technology Melbourne, Australia

“Phil has an amazing ability to quickly and succinctly help the reader get to grips with the world of leadership development, its history and its challenges. Where Phil has ‘nailed it’ is in his Leadership Declaration. This insight lets us understand that effective leadership is not just in the hands of a chosen few but rather we are all leaders in our own rights and can make a difference in our communities and businesses by applying a few simple but powerful techniques. Most importantly, it expresses the need for true leaders to be values-driven and to have the courage to do things differently. Underpinning his thinking are years of practical leadership development experience, robust models and the use of pragmatic examples that every leader can relate to.”

Anthony Youds
Crossroads Human Resources Melbourne, Australia

“Leadership Without Silver Bullets: A Guide to Exercising Leadership is an informative read for anyone who leads a team and is seeking guidance on how to achieve employee engagement. Through personal experiences and straightforward analysis of recent leadership studies, this book reminds the reader of the modelling from school days to boardroom, which has led to the dominance of uninspiring, individualist, “command- and-control” management styles. This thought-provoking book may well be the catalyst for readers to develop a shared leadership approach to allow their disempowered teams to flourish.”

Erin Duncan
Learning & Development Manager
Merck, Sharp & Dohme Sydney, Australia

“As the CEO of a children’s charity determined to create a better world for children experiencing disadvantage, investment in our people is paramount. When our work is about making sure that vulnerable children have what they need and resources are limited, then it is imperative that we can actively unleash our collective capacity and wisdom to make a difference. Leadership Without Silver Bullets is an accessible read that inspires reflection and determination to be the kind of leader that not only brings out the best in everyone but enables the change that we want to see in the world.”

Mandy Burns
Chief Executive Officer
Ardoch Youth Foundation Melbourne, Australia

“This book highlights and identifies some new and at times challenging thoughts on leadership which will have a positive impact on all who are courageous enough to not only read the book but implement some personal and team changes. Phil has drawn upon his deep experience in working in many different management and leadership roles during his working life. The stated aim of the book “To inspire and ignite leadership action that makes a difference for you, your organisation and the world” particularly resonated. I believe current and aspiring leaders and managers should put this on their “must-read” list.”

Peter Callaway
Managing Director
RISQ Melbourne, Australia