How are we different?

Why Do We Do What We Do?

We do what we do for one simple, yet compelling reason – and that is our strong desire to see every individual, team and organisation unlock the potential and energy that will make all the difference.

“The Leadership Sphere is inspired by a desire

to partner with leaders, teams and organisations

to build capability to become all they can be.”

Phillip Ralph, Director

And our mission statement reflects this….

Our mission is to help leaders achieve sustainable and positive change by unlocking energy and potential at the individual, team and organisational level.

Who do we work with?

  • Managing Directors and CEOs
  • Senior Executives
  • Leaders
  • High Potential/Fast Track employees
  • Leaders in transition
  • Organisations that want high performance cultures (including increasing engagement)
  • Teams who have a desire to excel

Our prestigious clients include a wide range of major companies across the public sector and private industry, many of whom are Top 100 ASX companies. Click here to view a sample of our Clients.

The Top 10 Reasons Clients Partner With Us

  1. Organisations build a high performance culture, which usually includes embedding the principles of coaching and empowerment
  2. People are clear about what they need to do to achieve success, from the top down
  3. People feel energised and engaged by the destination and the journey
  4. A systemic view means valuable resources and dollars are allocated where they need to be
  5. We measure what we do
  6. Higher staff retention and attraction means you have the best people to do the job
  7. Leaders have the awareness, skills and tools to inspire and shift their teams and the organisation
  8. Entropy (lost energy in the system) is minimised
  9. Organisations are more likely to achieve its vision and strategic goals
  10. People feel valued and their experience of work is more fulfilling

For more information on why our Clients choose to partner with us, click here to read our points of difference or take away our brochure below.

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