The Leadership Sphere is an energetic and focused consulting firm specialising in creating high performing and healthy organisations, teams and leaders. We do this through an evidence-based approach to consulting, workshop facilitation and coaching at senior levels.

Key outcomes we deliver include:

  • Cultural change and alignment to drive business objectives;
  • Leadership development; and
  • Team development.

Our point of difference is a structured systematic approach to achieve realistic and sustainable positive change. More specifically, our clients expect and we ensure that:

  • The desired change happens (individual, team and organisational transformation).
  • We operate a transparent business model. There is a clear scope of work and costs.
  • We deliver what we say we’re going to deliver.

Benefits of our approach include:

  • Leadership capability is enhanced to improve overall business performance.
  • Increased individual, team and organisational effectiveness and productivity.
  • The development of a constructive culture that is ‘fit-for-purpose’ (eg. services organisational strategy).
  • Desired changes are more likely to happen leading to better results and less wastage.
  • The development of high performance teams that work effectively and deliver.
  • A reduction in staff turnover while talented people are more attracted to your organisation.


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