leadership-takeon-management-matters About Management Matters

With better leaders, you can create a culture that accelerates the attainment of your goals.

TakeON! Management Matters encourages your people managers to ‘step up’ and become better leaders.

Management Matters is for any organisation wanting to strengthen its people leadership. This proven approach delivers rapid, positive change in key people management competencies, giving your people managers greater confidence and capability to lead.

Management Matters is based on ON-Brand Partners’ experience in developing leadership skills in large and complex organisations.

Learn more about Management Matters by visiting TakeON! to learn about the modular programs available.

Management Matters is also supported by the vibrant ON2net Online Community where silos are broken down and ideas and experiences are shared.

A mixture of open sharing spaces and private groups allows teams and members to collaborate freely and securely and build their understanding of how to create an ‘Exciting Company’. By connecting to others both within and outside their own organisation, members derive great benefit from exposure to new ideas, approaches and ways of thinking.