For Managers

leadership-development-dealing-with-ambiguity Change leadership-development-emotional-resilience Change leadership-development-managing-change Change
Dealing with Ambiguity develops the key skills of ‘emergent’ leadership – the ability to act in the moment, sense how things are going, and respond positively. Emotional Resilience helps managers deal with workplace adversities by being mentally tough, yet still able to show genuine empathy to team
members in need.
Managing Change introduces a structured approach to help managers thoroughly plan and implement change, making it as painlessly as possible, and ensuring that lasting benefits are achieved.

  • Knowing who your customers are and what they expect
  • Discovering ways to obtain customer feedback
  • Identifying ways to act in the customers’ best interests
  • Creating a plan to improve the customer experience



  • Understanding what it means to be resilient
  • Knowing their role in helping teams cope with challenging times
  • Knowing how resilient they are
  • Identifying resources already available to deal with a crisis
  • Identifying actions for building personal and team resilience

  • Understanding the dynamics of change and impact it has on teams and individuals
  • Effectively managing their team through change
  • Applying a methodology for managing resistance to change
  • Creating a roadmap for an upcoming change initiative
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For Teams

leadership-development-appreciate-and-celebrate Change leadership-development-ready-willing-and-able Change leadership-development-from-challenge-to-opportunity Change
Appreciate and Celebrate lifts the lid on the benefits of recognizing individual, team and organization achievements. It’s about recognizing everyone who has stepped up, tried something new, gone above and beyond the call of duty to make things happen for the business and our customers. Ready Willing and Able looks at our personal wellbeing, and what we can
do to look after ourselves, not just during peak times, but all the time.
From Challenge to Opportunity is about helping people focus on what can be done, rather than what can’t. This theme helps teams work through some of the negative mindsets that might be influencing their behaviours.

  • Builds a culture of appreciation and trust
  • Behaviour is reinforced, celebrated and repeated
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Enhances teamwork

  • Positive mindsets about creating a healthy workplace
  • Increased knowledge about what we do to support health and wellbeing
  • A more productive team focused on delivering service excellence

  • Increased ownership when finding ways to make things happen
  • Decisions are made faster and with confidence
  • Become more open and positive when faced with challenges
  • A more positive environment because action is take and progress made
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