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High Performance Team Development Programs

The Leadership Sphere high performance team development programs focus on building effective teams through leadership programs that drive organisational performance. We customise our high performance team programs to align with your business strategy so that you can meet revenue targets, key performance metrics and maximise engagement. Strategy development, innovation and design thinking, decision making, team culture, trust building, coaching and mentoring, giving and receiving feedback, dealing with difficult conversations, conflict resolution, change management, building high performing teams, effective management approaches, strength through vulnerability in leadership, and mechanisms for success are all core areas that we can be build into your high performance team program.

Building high performance teams

The Leadership Sphere has worked with thousands of teams, from hundreds of different organisations throughout the Asia Pacific Region, over a long period of time. When it comes to building high performing teams it requires commitment, focus and support. This needs to be consistent from the top down.

The most important part of your high performance team program is to develop capability in leaders and managers so they can provide a clear picture of where the business is going, where the work is headed, and what is required of everyone in the team.

Effective leadership and management skills are also required so that professional standards can be set and maintained, communication is clear, and everyone knows their role and responsibilities within the team.

Once role clarity has been established, we can help build an accountability framework that enables a high performance work environment that is founded on trust.

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What makes our high performance teams programs unique?

What makes The Leadership Sphere different is that we combine science and art into our high performance team programs.

The science is the structure to the program to ensure clarity, capability and contribution that is aligned with business strategy. The order and sequence that we approach our team development programs is consistent with how any high performing individual or team would undergo change. It also allows us to understand the risks and opportunities that need to be addressed to enable a high performance (or higher performance) work environment to be achieved. We can also draw on leadership tools to help us profile individuals and the team before, during or after the program and this further enhances our focus and understanding of the group.

“We know that in many contexts real teams can produce extraordinary performance beyond what those same individuals could achieve in acting in isolation.”

The art is the way that our leadership experts interact with the group and facilitate the program, ensuring we maximise the learning experience and hold participants accountable for their own personalised action plan. This results in a significant mindset shift in terms of how your team members self-manage, interact with their colleagues and manage others within their own team or in other teams that they interact with on a day to day.

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Team Development Toolkit

Three key tools for Team Development.

Leadership Circle Profile™ is the only competency based 360° profile that measures two primary leadership domains—Creative leadership competencies and Reactive tendencies.

We can also provide completely customised tools, designed for your organisation and to your needs.

Through our partnership with Actionable Conversations – an innovative training and development platform that blends:

  • eLearning
  • face-to-face classroom facilitation, and
  • accountability

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