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Executive leadership development programs

The Leadership Sphere executive leadership development programs enable you to build the right leadership capability for your unique situation. We have customised our programs for small and medium business and corporate leadership training for larger organisations.

Unlike generic leadership development programs, we use our Integrated Leadership Development Model to make a clear assessment of where your organisation is at and what needs to be achieved. This enables us to build the right leadership capability for the right reason. It is aligned to your strategic plan and focuses on leveraging current strengths and addressing the capability gaps that we have identified in consultation with your leadership group.

Through a combination of customised leadership workshops and leadership training courses we can address leading self, leading others, leading managers, leading functions (business units) and leading the organisation.

Our top down and bottom up approach to building leadership capability is unique to The Leadership Sphere. We can involve the executive leadership team, senior management group and other people leaders to provide an all-inclusive leadership capability framework and accompanying leadership skill development program for your organisation.

Building the right leadership capability

Building the right leadership capability for the right reasons is the most important part of any leadership development program. We take the time to understand your strategic intent, overall direction for the business and what this means for the customers that you serve. From there we can design a blended leadership development program that maximises the breadth and depth of our leadership experts and partners. This may include online leadership courses, an extensive suite of leadership training modules for leadership development and high performance teams, combined with ongoing executive coaching and supporting leadership tools.

Alternatively, if you have an immediate challenge that needs to be fixed right now, our individual leadership development courses include topics such as managing and leading change, building resilience, feedback and coaching skills, building high performance teams, decision making, performance management conversations and conflict resolution. We are also an accredited provider of the Dare to Lead program that encourages vulnerability in leadership as the most effective way to build trust.

What makes our leadership training unique?

At The Leadership Sphere, we recognise that leadership development is at the heart of every high performance organisation. It is real leadership, not management that delivers a competitive advantage. That is why we focus on developing capable leaders that can deliver your strategy with clarity. By doing so they can leverage the contribution of others throughout every layer of your organisation. This will enable you to build a high trust organisation where your people feel supported. That translates to excellent customer service that is aligned with your brand promise.

The other thing that makes The Leadership Sphere unique is that our expert facilitators are amongst the best available in Australia. They are humble, personable and willing to challenge in a professional and respectful way. Each expert brings their own personal flavour to the leadership development programs within the boundaries of The Leadership Sphere tested and proven approach for delivery that navigates through leading self, leading others, leading organisations and a number of other core areas of leadership develop, all customised to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

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Signature leadership development programs

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