Typical Outcomes

awareness and skill building
  • Learn how to lead through character rather than through coping
  • Understand your own and other peoples’ values and beliefs
  • Learn how to manage conflict or opposition
  • Learn how to share leadership and increase accountability
  • Understand your role as a team player
  • Role model constructive behaviours required to move towards a high performance culture
  • Develop sound energy management practices to achieve sustained performance, energy, and balance
  • Learn coaching skills to enable others to take responsibility and accountability for results
Interpersonal skills
(relationship) and team
  • Learn how to unlock energy and potential in others through an empowering, strengths-based approach
  • Enhance your ability to influencing others and get results
  • Learn how to build rapport effortlessly and communicate effectively
  • Create synergy by building meaningful relationships and high levels of trust
  • Build skills to surface critical issues and deal with conflict constructively
  • Learn how to shift from producing results to enabling and empowering others to produce the results
  • Build skills to effectively manage performance
  • Increase your skills to manage and lead change through constructive disequilibrium
  • Understand skills to manage and lead ‘adaptive challenges’ and ambiguity
  • Learn the key skills of ‘getting on the balcony’ (big picture perspective), the ability to identify adaptive challenges (versus technical), regulate distress, maintained disciplined attention, give work back to where it belongs, and protect the voices of leadership below.
  • Learn systems intelligence to identify and leverage interdependencies
Building high
Performance Teams and Organisations 
  • Develop skills to help your team and organisation face its toughest challenges
  • Gain a deep understanding and develop the requisite skills to create a high performance culture through alignment (performance and psychological)
  • Develop organisational capability to change, adapt and build resilience to external forces
  • Learn how to exercise the type of leadership required in 21st century organisations
  • Build the skills required to appropriately distribute leadership deep into your business unit/organisation
  • Learn about your own team’s needs and receive feedback on you management and leadership style
  • Discover what it takes to build, motivate and inspire not only the teams that you are responsible for but also the other teams in your department/organisation
  • Learn how to execute effectively with and through others
  • Build skills to effectively align behaviours, symbols and systems to help ensure that valuable resources are used effectively and efficiently
  • Learn how to create a ‘safe’ environment to enable others to fulfill their potential
  • Build effective coaching skills to draw out talents and strengths in service of team and organisational objectives.

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