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The 100% Project in partnership with Leadership Victoria present:

Level the playing field: Turning gender leadership

rhetoric into more effective action

Melbourne 14th November 2013

At Hilton on the Park, Wellington Parade, East Melbourne

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The lack of women in senior leadership positions suggests that a significant gap exists between what organisations provide for women and what they require of organisations to further progress their careers.

In order to move forward, organisations must acknowledge that gender imbalance for women in leadership is a complex systemic problem. It is for this reason that policies and practices implemented by organisations, thus far, have been largely unsuccessful in solving this ongoing problem. They simply have not delved deep enough into the root cause of the gender imbalance in leadership. They remain superficial solutions that do little in solving a systemic problem.

“Level the playing field: Turning gender leadership rhetoric into more effective action” is an Adaptive Leadership Symposium that will change the fundamental way organisations operate through change in the systems structure.

Why Adaptive Leadership?

Adaptive leadership is the practice of mobilising people to tackle tough challenges in order to thrive. The absence of gender balanced leadership in Australia is an ‘adaptive’ challenge, i.e. there is a gap between the outcome we say we want and the reality of not achieving this outcome in our current environment. Applying the adaptive leadership framework, the ‘Level the Playing Field’ Symposium will fundamentally change the way leaders understand how their organisations and our society operate. The Symposium will help leaders create solutions that will discard entrenched ways, go beyond the current know how and learn new practices to increase the representation of women in leadership roles.

The Lead Facilitator

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Adaptive Leadership Theory and Cambridge Leadership Associates co-founder, Marty Linsky, will be facilitating and leading the Symposium.

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What is Adaptive Leadership?

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