When employees are not aligned with the organisation’s goals and strategies, the right work does not get done… or it does not get done right. What many managers fail to realise is that if employees are not aligned with the organisation’s Purpose, Values and Vision, they are very unlikely to be aligned with your goals, strategies and processes. 

When employees feel connected to the purpose and vision of the organisation, they have a clear understanding of how important the products and services you provide are to your customers and the community. They also see a clear connection between what they do and the success of your organisation in fulfilling its purpose.

As a result, aligned employees see their work as meaningful. They look forward to coming to work and have a sense of pride in what they do and the organisation they work for.

When there is a high level of trust throughout the organisation:

  • Expectations are clear, disagreements are discussed and resolved and individual performance is discussed and agreed on without having to rely on a formal process.
  • Information is exchanged freely as needed, feelings and opinions are openly discussed and people do not have hidden agendas.
  • Differences are valued, employees feel respected for their contribution and have input into how the organisation can be more successful.
  • People keep their commitments, strive for excellence in everything they do and can count on each other for support.
  • This is a place where people want to work… a workplace based on trust and personal responsibility.

The Strategic Alignment Survey measures four key areas that have an impact on employee alignment and engagement and provides feedback by division, business unit, location and work teams across the organisation. The four sections of this report are:

  • Section One – Kinds of People – Whether employee behaviour is Self-Directed, Rebellious or Compliant
  • Section Two – Group Trust Level Report – The degree to which group members practice trust building behaviours
  • Section Three – Values That Build Trust – The values that must be present for trust to develop
  • Section Four – Group Alignment Report – The degree to which group members are aligned with the organisation’s Purpose, Values, Vision, Goals, Procedures and Roles

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