Understand and celebrate difference

The Philosophy of DiSC

The DiSC model is about differences. It is about understanding, accepting, and respecting differences. It is about managing differences.

Much of the time, differences appear to be the source of conflict. Be it differences in opinions, differences in procedures or approach to work, or different solutions to a problem. Differences like these often lead to conflict in the workplace.

Through the DiSC behavioural model it can be highlighted that the source of conflict is not the differences themselves but in the judgement that is made about those differences. The source of conflict is more likely to viewed as different equals wrong. The DiSC model teaches people how to manage their differences with one another and to come to the understanding that different is just that… different.

Using DiSC in the Workplace

The Personal Profile System is an ideal tool for making people aware of their behaviour and allowing them to identify for themselves when there is a need to adapt their behaviour when working with others.


Become more adaptable when they understand the impact their behaviour has on their direct reports, and learn to relate to the different communication and motivational needs of the people working for them.

Sales and Customer Service

Learn to build stronger relationships with customers when they understand the different needs their customers have and adapt the way they relate to them.


Become more effective when team members realise that the team needs all of the strengths that different styles bring to the team… and learn to adapt the way they communicate with different team members.