Organisational Culture


(Organisational Culture Inventory/Organisational Effectiveness Inventory)

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When an organisation’s systems, structures, technology and skills/qualities are in alignment with the stated values, vision, mission and goals, then a constructive culture will emerge. Managing culture is probably the most important task for any senior executive. Knowing this is one thing – but knowing what to manage to manage culture is something very different indeed. This means managing a high performance culture.

In Australia and New Zealand alone, several hundred organisations have used their culture inventory as a key part of their drive to build high performing cultures. Designed to complement the OCI, the OEI identifies the causal factors (levers for change) that influence culture and the outcomes of culture – specifically within the organisation being surveyed. Using both together provides the very best of behavioural (culture) and perception/attitude measures available today.

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GSI (Group Styles Inventory)

The Group Styles Inventory (GSI) is a team based measure, which assesses the behaviours observed by team members during a team decision-making session.

Each team member completes the inventory and the combined responses represent a clear profile of the behaviours used by the team in its efforts to achieve quality decisions with high acceptance.

The GSI measures the constructive and defensive elements of group processes with the 12 styles used in the Human Synergistics Circumplex.

Certain group styles are productive and lead to high quality decisions to which members are highly committed. Other group styles are counterproductive and lead to solutions of marginal or poor quality and limited group acceptance.

Used in conjunction with a group problem-solving simulation, the GSI provides significant practical insight into how a group functions, allowing the group to focus its efforts precisely on where improvement is needed.


Provides group members with a ‘safe’ way to talk about behaviours within the team and the impact these have on group performance

Allows group members to clearly identify what is helping and hindering the team in its efforts – leading to improvement planning for enhance performance

Meets rigorous academic and psychometric standards

Integrates with the Life Styles Inventory and the Organisational Culture Inventory® (OCI) measures to show the link between individual, group and organisational level behaviours.

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LSI (Life Styles Inventory)

The Life Styles Inventory (LSI) identifies the underlying thoughts and motivations that guide an individual’s behaviour. Often referred to as personal styles, management styles and leadership styles, these represent the essence of an individual’s effectiveness.

The quality of an individual’s thinking and behaviour contributes greatly to that person’s work performance. Fortunately, your people have the power to change ineffective thinking and behaviour – the kind that can paralyse an individual’s effectiveness. But first they need to know if what they’re doing now is supporting or detracting from quality performance.

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(L/I) Leadership Impact

Designed specifically for those in leadership roles – primarily senior managers and CEOs – Leadership/Impact® (L/I) represents the cutting edge of research into leadership effectiveness. For executives to be leaders, they must transform, shape and influence the environment within which people operate and the ways in which they approach their work and interact with each other.

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