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Hogan Hogan Assessments

The Leadership Sphere is an accredited user of Hogan Assessments which are internationally recognised assessment inventories.

The Hogan assessments predict job performance by assessing normal personality, derailment characteristics, core values and cognitive reasoning ability. The assessments are grounded in decades of research and can be used for nearly every industry.  Hogan assessments can be used across the talent management spectrum:

  • For leadership development, coaching and team building
  • As a powerful recruitment and selection tool

Assessments include a variety of scales that create profiles to reveal competencies, derailers, values, reasoning skills and leadership characteristics.

Hogan Assessments can help HR and senior management understand the underlying sources of employee behaviours.

Data from the assessments produce easy-to-read reports that contain recommendations for hiring and development which help in making decisions regarding the selection and development of employees.

The Hogan Assessments include: