Joanna-Bacher Artist - Joanna Bacher

Joanna is an artist with 15 years experience in communicating ideas through images. Her whimsical and thought provoking art is engaging and emotive.

Joanna’s ability to paint in different styles enables her work to translate into the corporate world with broad levels of application and flexibility in her commissions.

She also exhibits her personal work frequently and is highly prolific. Her own style is expressed in surrealist figurative work that explores the veneers and cultural tension of individuals relating to their own environments.

Joanna Bacher’s paintings can be viewed at:
Blue Door Gallery – South Melbourne

leadership-development-manage-lead-change Artist - Joanna Bacher Manage and Lead

This painting is about change and growth that is nurtured and not necessarily in predictive control. There is a figure quietly going about his task of tending to the growth of a newly planted seedling, into a sapling, then a prospering mature tree, complete with fruit and full with life. A bird flies down to the egg in the nest again representing new life. The trees stand in a gridded plain suggesting the potential for more new plantings should the other people gathered feel they could take up the challenge. The sky is potentially stormy representing the unpredictable nature of change together with the overseeing face in the cloud.

leadership-development-action-oriented Artist - Joanna Bacher


Action Oriented

This painting is about individuals within a group committed to actioning a task together, to produce a specifically aligned goal. It is an open sky representing the clarity needed to focus energy, a figure gestures his intent and the team around him are also motivated in the same direction and communicating their support as he lines up the planet earth to his target. The ground is Mars-like representing the ‘male’ or yang action energy. There are a few trees showing the growth that got them to this point and a plane flying in the same direction as they run.

leadership-development-synergy Artist - Joanna Bacher



This painting is about forming relationships, bringing people together in trust and overcoming emotional conflict.

Here we have our seven spheres and seven clouds and the people going through a process where separation becomes togetherness, they are demonstrating the courage to stand atop something that floats in order to build a bond that leads them to safety. One cloud is raining showing the potential for conflict. And there is a feeling of movement in the painting that represents the E-motion, energy in motion. There is a bridge across water again to show the willingness to connect and create resolutions.

leadership-development-truth Artist - Joanna Bacher



This painting is about embracing a lasting purpose.

Here our figure traverses the pyramids representing his affinity with something timeless and lasting that identifies him with a strong foundation of values. The sun sets behind him representing what he will leave behind him as a legacy. So despite the shifting sands he is connected to unchanging values. There is a dove holding a sprig in her mouth showing his deeper commitment.

leadership-development-engage Artist - Joanna Bacher



This is a painting of a dreamscape where compelling visions of the future are devised. Our figure bounces on question marks as she visualises her colleges doing the same in a bubble of thought. This thought has materialised from the other potential bubbles in the sky. There are buildings on the horizon, one with a swimming pool and trees on the roof. She stands in a field dominated by the three primary colours, which are the building blocks for all colour showing the scope for the future. This painting is more yin or ‘female’ focused representing the energy of the visionary.

leadership-development-resilience Artist - Joanna Bacher



This painting is about maintaining ones state of equanimity under stress.

With plate spinning and fast moving cloudy sky our figure practises remaining in a balanced state despite standing on one foot on the edge of a sloping hill. He trains in the yogic tree position for his spirit, juggling his head, heart and body.

leadership-development-you Artist - Joanna Bacher



This painting is about finding and nurturing oneself.

Our figure allows himself to be oar inspired by the moon. He is alone on the choppy sea and under the starry sky, unfazed; he stands on the bow of his little yacht whist the force of the moon bends him and the sail of his vessel. The moon shimmers its influence over him and the water and all is at peace going with the flow of the rhythm of the sea. In this environment he makes a deeper connection to himself.