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Becoming a Choice Architect to Change Behaviour

Why is it important?

Nudge Theroy BookThe desire to do – and be – our best is an innate driver for most people. While I say ‘most people’, I actually believe it is important to all human beings.

Life’s journey takes us down many different paths. SOME of those paths nurture our desire AND ability to be our best, while OTHER pathways fight AGAINST our capacity to be a better VERSION of ourselves.

This isn’t anybody’s fault. SOME PEOPLE just haven’t discovered the choices that are available to them and/or given the tools to get there yet.

When we come together as a collective in an organisational context, such as in teams, there is a KALEIDASCOPE of history, personality types, development levels, focus, goals and oh yes, egos.

When our goal is to influence others – either individually or collectively – then we need to UNDERSTAND human behaviour and how it is shaped. To better understand how this plays out, we can draw from many fields such as psychology, philosophy and behavioural economics.

NUDGE THEORY comes from the field of behaviour economics and has been popularised and developed by Richard Thaler, an economist from the University of Chicago who was recently announced as the year’s recipient of the Nobel Prize for Economics.

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