$45,000 raised for Foundation

Teamscape, the organisation created by The Leadership Sphere and ASI Aviation Consultants, recently announced Diamond Sponsorship (along with the Fosters Group) of the The Financial Markets Foundation for Children gala ball -a unique opportunity to raise funds and bring hope to Australian children. At the Gala Ball held in Melbourne last Friday night (11th September), approximately 700 people attended a sparkling evening. We are really excited to announce that our program was auctioned and bought for $45,000 by the National Australia Bank.  This is a fantastic result with every cent going to the Fund.

The Financial Markets Foundation for Children is a charity which has been supported by the major Australian commercial and investment banks for a number of years. It was established in 1990 and has raised $7 million to date. 100% of funds raised are donated to research into emerging children’s health issues such as childhood asthma, childhood leukaemia, diabetes, and Aboriginal children’s health and environment. Grants to research projects are selected from applications by a panel of medical professionals.

Teamscape donated one of it’s highly innovative 7-day leadership programs (n•2 | leader™) to the Foundation.

About n•2 | leader™

n•2 | leader™ aims to build capability in individuals that hold senior positions or those talented individuals who are being ‘fast-tracked’ for more senior roles. The program blends the necessary skills of management with those of leadership.  Leaders often ascend to more senior positions in organisations because of their technical knowledge, however many individuals fail to effectively manage the transition from providing answers to technical solutions to leading at the strategic level.

n•2 | leader™ provides participants with a challenging yet practical learning pathway to more effective leadership. The modules build on each other, moving from Start-Up (a two-day foundation program), to five one-day modules – starting with Communication & Coaching and Performance Management. The program pace and tone then changes markedly, with participants expected to demonstrate new and innovative thinking about the largest challenges they face, with a focus on Change Management, Leading Teams and Executive Leadership.  This program is a refreshing change for anyone who is sick and tired of the usual rhetoric surrounding ‘leadership development’.

The program is delivered by a qualified and current airline pilot and by one of Australia’s leading experts on leadership and team development.

Program Benefits include:

  • Participants are able to demonstrate real leadership as opposed to counterfeit leadership
  • Effective leaders with the knowledge and skills to generate leadership deep into their team, department or organisation
  • Organisations infused with committed and focussed people
  • Managers and leaders who act consistently and positively in service of business objectives
  • New teams (including project teams) can form and perform quickly
  • Skilled leaders who know how to manage stars and under-performers leading to a significant return-on-investment
  • Enhanced communication, coaching and dialogue skills leading to less wastage, as well as better outcomes for people and business
  • Change is managed properly so the intended outcomes are actually realised
  • Constructive behaviours are more readily demonstrated in those who attend
  • Flexible delivery options including the selection of modules that work for you and the organisation

About Teamscape

Teamscape® uses a systems based holistic approach to bring the guiding principles of the aviation industry’s crew resource management program into the business world.  During the last 30 years the aviation industry has improved its efficiency, teamwork and safety by adopting and applying systematic work practices that focus on high levels of non-technical skills. The success of these practices has led to their adoption across numerous industries by innovative and progressive organisations seeking excellence in performance.

Teamscape® has developed these practices into the n•2 system™ – a range of organisational effectiveness and team development modules with effective support mechanisms such as coaching and on-line learning. Teamscape partners with management teams and works alongside organisations to fully embed the guiding principles and practices of the n•2™ system. Teamscape is committed to working together to build on the strengths of teams and organisations, help manage performance boundaries and open pathways to clear and effective communication.

Last year’s gala ball was a great success raising a total of A$558,830 through ticket sales, auctions, raffles, donations and the tombstone. This year, a remarkable $800,796  was raised.  The Foundation would like to thank all sponsors, contributors and volunteers as we look forward to this year’s ball.

To find out more about the gala, visit www.fmfc-gala.com/

To find out more about the foundation, visit www.foundationforchildren.com.au

$45,000 raised for Foundation