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Dare to Lead™ Scholarship Program

The Dare to Lead™ Scholarship

The Leadership Sphere is passionate about creating courageous leaders in all areas of business, government, and community organisations. Having the opportunity to engage in leadership development can be an option for individuals working in the not for profit sector, charities, volunteers in community organisations, or may have lost employment due to the pandemic and current global environment. 

Each and every year we are approached by many such leaders; eager to grow their courageous leadership capacity, but unable to self-fund the course fee. This is why each time we run a Dare to Lead™ program, we’ve done our best to accommodate a seat or two for such individuals that meet our scholarship criteria.

Hear From Phillip Ralph, Managing Director

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We offer two types of scholarships for our Dare to Lead™ program

A Partial Scholarship

50% off the ticketed price of the online and in-person

A Full Scholarship

100% of the ticketed price of the online and in-person program. Please note that this form of scholarship may not be offered for every program throughout the year (it depends on total numbers) and does include a nominal fee to cover the cost of posting a book and workshop materials booklet printing. This fee is available on request.


Scholarship Criteria and Selection Process

As Brené Brown says, ‘Clear is Kind’, so here is an outline of our scholarship criteria and selection process we use to assess all applications:

  1. Leaders* that currently work or volunteer in, have a career history and abiding commitment to a community organisation, not for profit, charity or social enterprise.
  2. Leaders* that have lost their employment due to the global pandemic and are finding it difficult to energise their career prospects. Now feels like the right time to focus on self-development. 
  3. Leaders* that have recently begun their own start-up business or entrepreneurs and want to grow in values-based leadership – living and leading with values that direct and motivate others to do their best and that inspires everyone to contribute to the greater good.

Our selection criteria for assessing the applications is simply to review each application on its own merit, ensuring that:

  1. The leader* genuinely meets the above scholarship criteria.
  2. The leader* is well-positioned and committed to capitalise on the program learnings to make a tangible impact in their leadership sphere. 
  3. The leader* is the best fit for the available seat/s we have on offer in the upcoming program. 
  4. The availability of seat/s for the partial and full scholarship, as this does vary from program to program.

*Leader: Brené Brown defines a leader as “anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes and has the courage to develop that potential”.

A world-cafe style (informal virtual) 1-hour Practitioners’ Lab to enhance your learning through integration and connection (program facilitators and coaches are also present). Valued at $500.
Exclusive access to monthly world-cafe (virtual) 1-hour Practitioners’ Labs for all past Dare to Lead participants (and program facilitators and coaches). Valued at $2,950.

Complimentary access to the TLS Community Hub dedicated virtual learning space (where you will find past participants and teams from any of our programs and those wanting to enhance their leadership understanding and skills). Valued at $795.

“Leading Through Trust” Online Course (8 online modules, valued at $375).

  • Two senior experienced facilitators at every virtual workshop (including Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, Phillip Ralph)
  • All assessments (Daring Leadership Assessment; Amored Vs Daring Leadership; and BRAVING Trust for intact teams)
  • State-of-the art online learning system (with an app) to act as a container for all course materials, discussions, videos, etc. including access to course facilitators and coaches
  • Small groups of a maximum of 20 participants
  • 8 x weekly virtual sessions (2 x 2-hour & 6 x 3-hour)
  • On-line and off-line support throughout the whole program
  • Actionable habit builder to integrate learnings
  • Brené Brown’s book Dare to Lead
  • Exclusive Dare to Lead™ workbook only available through this program
  • On completion of the program you will receive a Certified Dare to Lead Trained participant certificate
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 Program #3 / 2021 – August

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Commences Monday 16th August  2021 and sessions run from 2.00pm AEST each week for eight weeks. 

 Program #4 / 2021 – October

Register-Now-1-e1597454577649 Dare to Lead™ Scholarship Program

Commences Monday 11th October 2021 and sessions run from 10.00am AEDT each week for eight weeks. 

DtL-P3_2021-final Dare to Lead™ Scholarship Program
DtL-P4_2021-final Dare to Lead™ Scholarship Program