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Become A New Kind of Leader Both the business world and our society need a new type of leader – with new levels of consciousness, thinking and behaviour. People who lead with presence, connection and authenticity – inspiring, engaging and mobilising others. Leaders who can align purpose and passion, bringing greater awareness, openness and resilience […]

Energy – Are you a donor or a drainer?

The importance of engaging team members and the organisation more broadly has been written about extensively and few would argue the merits of this argument – however common sense does not always equal common practice. Energy Energy can be a useful lens to look at how we engage others (and ourselves). In physics, energy is […]

Human Synergistics 15th Australian Conference September 2013

You’re invited! How Culture and Leadership Build Sustainable Value The 15th Australian Conference on Culture and Leadership, presented by Human Synergistics International, will showcase the role of culture and leadership in creating sustainable value and empowering leaders to succeed “Beyond the next quarter”. It’s a reality of the business world today that leaders are expected […]

Neller HR Champion (CEO) Award Winners Partners with TLS

A firm partnership The Leadership Sphere has been working with top tier law firm Allens Arthur Robinson to build capability in the areas of effective conversations, feedback and coaching.  Recently, Michael Rose won the Neller HR Champion (CEO) Award at the HR Leadership Awards. Susan Ferrier, Director of People and Development at Allens Arthur Robinson […]

Don’t Miss! Team Coaching in a Chaotic World

In an ever-changing world where we are all being asked to do more with less, the cracks are starting to show. Global studies of organisations highlight the unrelenting need for uplift in performance – yet many of those responsible for the uplift (managers and teams) indicate they don’t have any more to give. Within this […]

Change Management Needs Change

Ron Ashkenas (Schaffer Consulting) recently blogged on HBR about the state of change management as a discipline, saying that while change management has been in existence for over half a century and despite the huge investment that companies have made in tools, training, and thousands of books (over 83,000 on Amazon), most studies still show […]

Anatomy of the New High Performer

There is a lot written about performance. But the reality is that it is as important today as it has ever been. A leading member-based advisory company, CEB, recently released its annual Executive Guidance (December 2012), which identified the critical competencies employees must embody to thrive as high performers in today’s volatile work environment. We […]

Business Plan or Vision? You Need Both.

Source: Forbes by Erika Andersen Sometimes I look at an article because I think I won’t like it. Quite often I have exactly the opposite reaction – I lose the scoffing opportunity, but I find something engaging, true and/or useful. Today I clicked on Andrew Tjan’s Great Businesses Don’t Start With a Plan on HBR. […]