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Getting Ready for the ‘Planning Season’ – Part 1

It’s Planning Season! It’s that time of the year when many organisations turn their minds to the new year. Planning and strategy formulation is an important part of the yearly cycle which helps set executive teams and their organisations and respective units up for success. This is the focus of this article while Part 2 […]

Influencing Without Authority

Guess what….? You’re in the Selling Business I had the pleasure of running a session this week at a TEC group where there were some powerful learnings, so I thought I would share the high level themes including our Engagement Model. To be successful at your job, you must be able to: “sell” an idea or […]

Design Thinking – Trick or Treat?

What is it? According to Tim Brown, president and CEO of IDEO: “ Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.” Lets Take a Step Back First… Design as a “way of thinking” in the […]

TAKEONEDAY 2016 – Auckland, NZ

ONE DAY IS ALL IT TAKES TO KEEP GETTING BETTER. ***EARLY BIRD TICKETS CLOSE IN 5 DAYS*** TAKEONEDAY 2016 is about Building Collaborative Cultures. Collaboration lies at the heart of so much that matters to leaders and organisations today. Successful innovation, enterprise leadership, partnerships, community development. And not forgetting the primary objective of delivering the best […]

A simple tool that may just save you

Why this conversation is important: At no time in the last two decades of supporting leaders and teams to become high performing and healthy (i.e. an enabling culture), have I found more people working harder, for longer and under more pressure to be all things to all people. I predict that we will soon reach a threshold of ‘enough is enough‘ […]

What can we learn from ANZ and Jordan Belfort?

ANZ Last Friday the Australian Financial Review revealed allegations made against ANZ by some traders in its global markets division about the bank’s apparent tolerance for alcohol, drugs and strip clubs. They are claiming millions in damages for an alleged toxic culture at the bank that led to their behaviour. From the bank’s perspective, the two traders […]

TAKEONEDAY Conference – Auckland

I’m just back from the annual TakeON! conference “TAKEONEDAY” hosted by OnBrandPartners yesterday in Auckland, New Zealand. Again it was a rich and impactful day with 150+ people in attendance. The theme was the power of ‘conversation for good’ and was a day of connection, collaboration and partnership. Sessions included the sharing of a powerful case study […]

Join us at TakeON! Conference 2015

TakeOneDay! To transform your thinking, empower your business and deepen your connections through conversation. TAKEONEDAY is about the power of ‘conversation for good’. A day of exciting connection, collaboration and, working in partnership. Share in an outstanding case study never before heard. Empower change in your organisation. Explore the new ways of working, such as digital […]

Human Synergistics Conference 2015 – Registrations Open

Registrations for the 17th Australian Conference on Culture & Leadership are now open! Register Today This year HS invites you to join them as they showcase the critical role constructive cultures and effective leadership play in achieving strategic business outcomes. Speakers will discuss how to challenge conventional wisdom and build mindsets around the role of culture in supporting […]