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Driving Radical Change

Genuine transformations take place on a scale different from that of routine change programs and are much harder to pull off.  At some point every large organization comes face to face with the need for fundamental change. The decision to act may be prompted by a variety of circumstances: a sharp slide in profitability, enticing […]

Awakening the leader within

In organizations, our success as leaders is measured by the degree to which we’ve mastered the external environment and delivered results in the form of revenues, profits, new product breakthroughs, cost savings, or market share increases. External results, of course, are important.  But trying to define leadership by its external manifestations misses the core question:  […]

Mr Rogers earns $20M in six minutes

We are continuing the theme of authenticity or ‘being real’.  This is worth your time, even as busy as you are today. Background: In 1969, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) was in danger of getting their funding cut in half by Nixon because of war costs.  So the CPB calls in Mr. Rogers (who […]

Brain Bank

Brain Bank – One of Australia’s better-known corporate transformation programs will soon be used to christen a new central training centre for ANZ Bank. The ANZ Breakout Centre will open its doors in Melbourne’s CBD later this year. Initially devised by McKinsey & Company, the Breakout Program has since become part of the corporate lingo […]

Cause for Concern

Causes for Concern – Small business owners and employees have markedly different concerns in Australia than in the United Kingdom, a comparative international survey by Roy Morgan International reveals. The big three issues causing concern for Australia were: 1. Staffing – 33% 2. Revenue/cash flow – 19% 3. Competition – 13% The big three issues causing […]

Making way for new talent in law firms

Transparent succession plans should keep partners and young lawyers happy, writes Patrick Durkin (AFR May 2007).  Just as political commentators ask whether Prime Minister John Howard has stayed too long, legal consultants and managing partners are asking whether older partners know when it is time to call it a day.  With generation X and Y […]