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Managers, Leaders and Human Beings

Leadership: the magic word that everybody wants to use and be associated with. Thousands of books published, thousands of conferences, classes, etc. Who do we think of when we think about ‘great leaders’? What kind of behaviors and attributes come to mind? We think of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., M. Gandhi and mother Theresa […]

Stand out from the pack

Why does brand matter? BMW Group Australia provides a clear example of the power of branding. Recent research from Australian universities on the top brands that IT and engineering graduates want to work for ranked BMW as ninth out of 500 companies. Ironically, BMW has not hired IT or engineering graduates for the past five […]


IT’S A SMART, SMART, SMART, SMART WORLD What you are about to read is about real business life, namely, outsmarting the competition. As eminent scientist Charles Darwin might put it,businesses breed beyond available customers; companies with successful strategies have a better chance of survival; and successful enterprises force out weaker ones, creating whole new business […]

Teamwork at the top

The popular business press on both sides of the Atlantic is infatuated with chief executive officers who have drunk from the Holy Grail of heroic leadership. To be sure, a single person can make a difference at times, but even such heroic CEOs as GeneralElectric’s Jack Welch emphasize the power of team leadership in action. As […]

Distortions and Deceptions in Strategic Decisions

The chief executive of a large multinational was trying to decide whether to undertake an enormous merger; one that would not only change the direction of his company but also transform its whole industry. He had gathered his top team for a final discussion. The most vocal proponent of the deal—the executive in charge of the […]

HR Execs concerned about future leaders

A recent study by IBM has found that more than 75 per cent of HR executives are concerned with their ability to develop future leaders, and given the explosive growth in emerging markets and the retirement of experienced personnel in more mature economies, companies are placing their growth strategies at risk if they cannot identify […]

How to lead clever people

According to Professor Rob Goffee, an expert in organisational behaviour from London Business School, clever people in organisations need a special type of leadership.  Speaking recently at a lecture in the Australian School of Business, Professor Goffee presented research on culture and leadership and what it takes to effectively lead this generation of ‘clever people’. […]

Senior Leadership Teams – What it takes to make them great

“With firsthand knowledge and compelling real-life examples, Senior Leadership Teams present indispensable guidance on getting your best people to work and thrive – together.” —David Gergen, Director, Center for Public Leadership, John F. Kennedy School of Government The demands on those who occupy the top roles of organizationsare rapidly outdistancing the capabilities of any single […]

Why teams don’t work

In fact, most so-called “teams” don’t work, for one of two reasons: They’re not supported or encouraged by the surrounding organization and are not recognized or rewarded for their efforts. They’re not really teams, but merely groups (at best) or (at worst) pseudo teams. Teams without access to necessary resources, who are discouraged from investing […]