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Performance Reviews Without Anxiety

A manager in Belgium eases employees’ tension by giving advice and feedback throughout the year.  No one on Philippe Lescornez’ team of grocery sales specialists goes into a performance evaluation expecting any big news. If the manager has something important to say, he will just say it, rather than wait for a formal feedback session. […]

High Project Failure Rates

A recent study by IBM of more than 1500 change management executives reveals that nearly 60 per cent of projects aimed at achieving business change fail to meet their objectives fully.  The Making Change Work Study found that the most successful organisations, described as ‘change masters’, succeed in 80 per cent of their projects, while the bottom […]

Stories, Storytelling, Story-Selling in Business

At this moment in our nations history, we are seeing two epic stories evolving in terms of our new President, and in the state of our economy. The story of Obama many believe is epic, and certainly the story of our nation’s recession and economic downfall is also a burgeoning epic tale.  Stories move societies […]

A note from the editors at HBR

Leadership is never easy, but it is incredibly tough right now: The global financial system is basically paralyzed, the recession is the worst we’ve seen in the better part of a century, and trust in institutions and the people who lead them is at an all-time low. Who better to put the subject of crisis […]

Top Management Issues – What Really Drives Your Business?

In 2007, the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) ran an on-line survey asking managers to choose their top six management priorities from a list of 30.  The goal of the survey was to highlight the most critical management issues then facing managers.  In 2007, the top priorities were: Achieving key objectives/outcomes Work/Life balance Finding/appointing talented staff […]

New National Client Helpline 1300 100 TLS (857)

We are pleased to announce a new national client help line set up to handle all new inquiries and to provide prompt support and assistance for our existing clients. The new ‘smart’ number (named by the Australian Government because it contains words) means that clients can call from anywhere in Australia for the cost of a […]

Launch of our online client portal

In our endeavors to offer unparalleled levels of client service and support, we are excited to announce our new on-line client portal. The portal is a web-based project management, collaboration, and task management software application that helps TLS staff and our clients be more productive together. Whereas most on-line Project Management software is overly complex, the […]

Despite cutbacks, firms invest in developing leaders

Companies Renew Focus on Employee Training, Betting That Strong Managers Will Help Through the Recovery According to The Wall Street Journal, despite layoffs and recession-starved budgets, many employers are investing in leadership-development programs, hoping not to be caught short of strong managers when the economy recovers. Identifying and grooming leaders is important in good times, […]

Can a Manager have a life and a Career?

Can managers have a work-family balance and career advancement?  Yes, is the answer.   Using self ratings, peer ratings, and supervisor ratings of 9,627 managers in 33 countries, the authors generally found that managers who were rated higher in work-life balance were rated higher in career advancement potential than were managers who were rated lower in […]

Book Summary: Strategy and the Fat Smoker

The title of David Maister’s latest book doesn’t give many clues to it’s central theme, but it is catchy. Maister suggests a focus first on what to change, and then on how to change. Maister points out that real change requires a permanent shift in organizational habits – analogous to the permanent change in eating […]