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How To Transform High Potential Talent Into Future Leaders

One of the defining characteristics of a great leader is their ability to recognise the talents of members in their team. In doing so, you are able to nurture those talents and provide people with the opportunity for growth and becoming a future leader. One way in which this might be achieved is through investing time in high potential talent programs. A major benefit of high potential talent programs is the focus on building on existing strengths, rather than addressing weaknesses. Other key factors to take into account when considering leadership development programs is determining who will take part, and in fact, how we decide this is significant too. We mustn’t assume that the familiar choices are also the right ones. In order for our future leaders to be part of a global community, they should also stem from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

Deciding Who Takes Part

When determining who within our teams displays high potential talent, it is vital that we make a photo-1492538368677-f6e0afe31dcc-1-1030x616 How To Transform High Potential Talent Into Future Leadersconscious decision to remain as objective as possible. A true assessment of talent can not be made if managers are only nominating those to whom they feel personally connected. This is especially true if said managers have been directly involved in a person’s development up to this point. We must learn to look beyond the seemingly obvious choices and consider, without bias, the skills and potential of everyone. By remaining neutral and vetting everyone on an equal scale, we are able to avoid overlooking someone who might not yet be visible in the organisational hierarchy. 

High Potential Experience

On what basis should we now be deciding who we nominate for executive leadership training in order to create this unbiased and equal scale we’ve assigned ourselves? What you and your company require in your leaders will be specific to you, and will be reflected in what you consider to be high potential talent. But it is important that don’t limit this to any one particular skillset. Some individuals may be highly skilled in giving presentations but lack the ability to share what they gained from the experience at on a more significant level.

Focus on Strengths

Often leadership development programs are undertaken in order to solve existing problems or address particular weaknesses. While that is certainly necessary for improving shortcomings, it is a ‘reactive’ approach. In order to transform high potential talent into future leaders, the approach should be a ‘proactive’ one. Think about what your leaders do well already and how those skills might be built upon.  This provides them (and you) with the reassurance that should unexpected challenges arise, they are well equipped to face them. Focusing on strengths is a clear indicator to your team that you value their skills and are willing to invest in their potential. 

Ongoing Learning

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How high performance team programs are delivered can be just as crucial to their success as the content within them. While an all encompassing intensive face to face program can excite and motivate participants in their jumping off point, it can also be overwhelming. The ability to connect and incorporate the learning to the daily schedules we operate under keeps it in the forefront of our minds. An example of a staged learning program is The Leadership Sphere’s
Dare to Lead program is an 8 week virtual course that requires participants to engage with the material regularly outside of the weekly facilitator lead sessions. Unlike shorter programs, this allows participants to receive further support in their learning as they begin putting it into practice.

Creating a Shared Journey

The benefits of high potential talent programs have far greater reach when they have the support of not only course facilitators, but of their peers as well. By partaking in future leaders development as a team, you are creating a shared experience and a shared journey. The fostered sense of community and accountability produces a collective purpose that can be both inspiring and motivating. 

Becoming Part of  a Global Community

Truly effective development programs should encourage curiosity in having a greater worldview. In times where globalisation is increasing rapidly, having a global mindset could prove invaluable for the growth of any business. Our future leaders would be well served (and well serving) to be given the opportunity for boundary-less learning. Being equipped with an understanding of how international workplace cultures differ from our own, could be what sets your leaders above the crowd.

There are a number of benefits to high performance team programs, and The Leadership Sphere encapsulates many that have been looked at above. Investing in talent development leads to almost limitless growth potential over the long term. 

For more information about The Leadership Sphere and how we can support your leaders with leadership development, executive coaching and high performance team programs please visit our website or call us on 1300 100 857.

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