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Fine leaders, happy staff key to success

Source: Herald Sun by Helen Carter

I’d like to share with you an article that appeared in the Herald Sun newspaper recently:

When Phillip Ralph asks his clients what they think their number one priority is for their business or workplace, they usually say “getting results”.

“I suggest their top priority should be focusing on the development of their staff because your people are the key to your business success” Mr Ralph said.

“To quote (organisational consultant) Simon Sinek, if you look after your people, they’ll look after your business.”

Having happy, healthy and challenged workers with the right skill set was key, he said.

Mr Ralph is a leadership coach and facilitator, business consultant and author with qualifications in science, business management, psychology, health promotion and, from Harvard University, leadership development.

In 2007, he founded The Leadership Sphere, which specialises in leadership development, team development and organisational development through targeted programs, including workshops and coaching for senior staff.

My teams – of 12 in Melbourne and another 10 based globally – and I consult to some of the largest companies in the world in leadership development, team development and culture change.” Mr Ralph said.

He worked for 17 years with Victoria Police, including stints in the psychology unit. Mr Ralph also co-designed and co-led many leadership and change programs, including creating a safer culture by training 10,000 police in de-escalation and conflict resolution.

He later move to ANZ where he led a large consulting team in a program widely acclaimed as one of the world’s best examples of a successful cultural transformation program, responsible for 40,000 people in 40 countries.

“It was intense but after six years I felt it was time for a change and founded my own business, which continues to work with mainly medium-to-large organisations including banks, health care, infrastructure, mining and government and other sectors.” Mr Ralph said.

“We recently led a workshop for a global team which had fractured relationships, was unsure of its direction and had confused roles and expectations. We helped them find clarity and trust and they came out energised and clear about what they wanted to do and how to work as a team.”

Sustaining this enthusiasm can sometimes prove difficult.

“People get a ‘sugar hit’ from workshops but often go back to work and forget it.” Mr Ralph said.

“We support them in developing habits and practices focused on development, knowing that if practiced daily – they become established and efficiencies occur, so leadership isn’t just about monthly coaching or meetings with other leaders four times a year.”

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Continuing to work with banks, health care, infrastructure, mining and government and other sectors.
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