Dr Peter Sandman: Building skill and knowledge in effective engagement

Dr Peter Sandman: Building skill and knowledge in effective engagement

image001-2 Dr Peter Sandman: Building skill and knowledge in effective engagementFIREUP Coaching is very proud to be bringing to Australia the world expert in outrage management and risk communication, Dr Peter Sandman.

To give you a bit of context FIREUP Coaching  is on the panel for a number of large government departments (DEPI, Department of Health, Ambulance Victoria and DHS) who utilise them for providing specialist training in Leadership and Communication, Community Engagement and Accredited Coaching.  One of the challenges with Senior Leaders in many organisations is sometimes, (not always) that they don’t see the need for continual learning and ongoing opportunities to expand their leadership capability.   Recently this has been highlighted with a number of FIREUP’s  clients being in the spotlight during the Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry.  Some of the communication may have been done very differently had people  understood the strategies of Dr Peter Sandman (www.psandman.com).  Hence my email to you as there are similar correlations to what has happened in a number of financial institutions recently.

Whilst the Police, Ambulance Officers and Fire Fighters are obvious candidates for this workshop, these same skills are needed in corporate organisations for managing crisis situations effectively and restoring corporate reputation when it is damaged.  So whilst it may not be as obvious as examples such as  wearing a seatbelt,  drinking and driving or speeding – when banks lead to innocent people losing their life savings people get outraged.  Far better to have your Corporate Communications people skilled at risk communication strategy than just use the panic and delay strategy which only heightens peoples frustration.

FIREUP Coaching offers a rare opportunity to experience the wisdom of Dr Sandman in Australia for the first time since 2010.  He will present his acclaimed three day workshop – Alerting, Reassuring and Guiding – Three Paradigms of Risk Communication.

This workshop is about building skill and knowledge in effective engagement.

Dr Sandman’s risk communication model, ‘RISK = HAZARD + OUTRAGE,’ helps users choose their approach depending on how dangerous the situation is (hazard) and how upset people are (outrage). For example, when hazard and outrage are both high, you need crisis communication strategies. When hazard is high and outrage is low (e.g. smoking), the situation calls for precaution advocacy. When hazard is low and outrage is high, that’s outrage management.

Please feel free to share with others, we are happy to answer any queries people may have.  Contact me on the numbers below or our Community Engagement Expert, Maryanne Martin on 0457 828 556.

The brochure and registration are attached.

Workshop Dates: September 2, 3 and 4

Registrations will close on August 21st

image002-1 Dr Peter Sandman: Building skill and knowledge in effective engagement