Human Synergistics 15th Australian Conference September 2013

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How Culture and Leadership Build Sustainable Value

The 15th Australian Conference on Culture and Leadership, presented by Human Synergistics International, will showcase the role of culture and leadership in creating sustainable value and empowering leaders to succeed “Beyond the next quarter”.

It’s a reality of the business world today that leaders are expected to achieve more, using less. Organisations are regularly assessing their productivity, return on investment, systems and processes to increase their profitability. While all organisations struggle with this to an extent, it’s clear that some have a greater capability in handling these challenges than others.

What attributes make these organisations succeed?

How are they able to retain a long-term competitive advantage?

This year’s conference will explore how a constructive culture and conscious leaders can positively lead organisations towards a sustainable future. The CEOs of successful organisations, Luxottica, Diageo, and Fremantle Ports, along with the HR Director of Alinta Energy, will candidly share their own transformative leadership journeys, as well as the experiences of their organisation in creating sustainable value.

Leading Australian economist, Tim Harcourt, will further quantify the value of investing in culture and leadership, sharing an economist’s perspective on the links between organisational culture, productivity and competitiveness.

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MELBOURNE – Wednesday 11th September 2013
9am to 1pm
Melbourne Convention Centre
Registration from 8am for a 9am start

SYDNEY – Wednesday 18th September 2013
9am to 1pm
Sydney Recital Hall, Angel Place, Sydney
Registration from 8am for a 9am start

PERTH – Wednesday 25th September 2013
9am to 1pm
Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
Registration from 8am for a 9am start