Launch of our online client portal

In our endeavors to offer unparalleled levels of client service and support, we are excited to announce our new on-line client portal.

The portal is a web-based project management, collaboration, and task management software application that helps TLS staff and our clients be more productive together. Whereas most on-line Project Management software is overly complex, the portal is intuitive and easy-to-use.  The system is designed for TLS staff to more efficiently and effectively manage all aspects of the engagement – and where appropriate, in conjunction with the key client liaison.

Clients can choose their level of use of the portal, from full integration and management of all aspects of the engagement right through to being able to nominate a preference not to use the portal – the choice is yours.

For those who like the detail (and you can choose the level of detail):

  • Clear Milestone and Task Lists – avoid confusion about what was promised to be delivered by when and by who.
  • Upcoming Milestones Alerts – notifications sent via e-mail.
  • Task notifications – users (TLS and clients) can optionally send a notification to a team member when a task is assigned to them and a status report can be sent back if desired.
  • Daily Overdue Items Report – this daily e-mail ensures you know the status of late tasks.
  • Messaging System – the ability to be able to post messages and receive replies to any project-related query you may have.  Replies are automatically linked into the project.
  • Secure User Name and Password – clients are provided with their own user-name and passwords for enhanced security.
  • File Uploads and version control – relevant documents, including agendas and a myriad of useful templates are available for TLS staff and clients (e.g. letter templates for clients to send to their teams about particular processes).
  • Notebook – a creative space where project team members can exchange ideas, documents and anything else they feel like doing.
  • Track time spent on different tasks.
  • Multiple Language Support – you can choose the language you would like to use and the entire portal will immediately display that language in all text labels.

We look forward to sharing this new innovation with you as we partner to achieve exceptional outcomes.