What are job seekers looking for?

What are job seekers looking for?

The competition for quality employees among leading companies is fierce,regardless of industry or sector. According to new Gallup research, jobseekers aren’t looking exclusively at salary offers; nor are they putting much stock into added perks such as company fitness center programs or on-site daycare services.

Recruiters and hiring managers who are looking to attract the best workforces for their companies would be well-served to laud their organization’s quality managers; prospective employees are just as likely to deem great management important as they are pay when looking for a new job.

A recent Gallup Panel survey asked a targeted sample of job seekersa series of questions about what is important to them in their jobsearch. The sample consisted of those who are currently unemployed andseeking a job as well as those who are currently employed full time orpart time and who have searched for employment in the past six months.These prospective candidates shared their opinions about which aspectsand characteristics of potential jobs and employers are most important.

In summary:

  •  58% of respondents consider “interest inthe type of work” extremely important when applying for a job, which isthe highest percentage given by job seekers to the more than 60characteristics studied in the survey.
  • More than half of job seekers (53%) say compensation is extremely important when applying for jobs
  • More than one-third of respondents say the same thing about health (45%) and retirement(33%) benefits.
  • Job seekers are slightly more likely to say that a quality manager (56%) or quality management (55%) is extremely important when looking for a job than they are to say the same about compensation.
  • For example, nearly half of job seekers say the opportunity to learn and grow, the opportunity for advancement, and earning promotions based on merit are extremely important when looking for a job.

The authors conclude by saying that if a prospective employee applied for jobs at two different organizations that offered nearly identical job responsibilities and compensation packages, which company would the candidate join? Based on this research, the job seeker would probably want to know as much about his or her potential manager as possible.

Article by Bryant Ott, Nikki Blacksmith,and Ken Royal.

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