February 2022

2022 Leadership Trends

3 Leadership Trends to Take into 2022

With the year’s end now just weeks away, many of us are reflecting on how a second year amidst a pandemic has affected business, and how we can further build our best leadership practices within this new status quo.
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Why Diversity is Important for High Performance

Why Diversity is Important for High Performance In bringing…
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High Performance in Leadership Teams

High Performance in Leadership Teams To deal with expanding…
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The Long-Term Impact of Developing High Performance Teams

The Long-Term Impact of Developing High Performance Teams We…
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The Role of Leaders in High Performance Teams

The role of leaders in high performance teams can never be reduced to a singular task. They are responsible for ensuring the team succeeds in reaching their objectives and supporting them in doing so. It is how teams are supported that truly makes a difference.

Why Do You Need a High Performing Team in 2022?

Why do you need a high performing team more than ever in 2022? And is the recipe to success different in our current climate? 

Identifying High Performers

When building high performance teams, selecting the right people and creating the best fit can be a difficult task. Strong teams and their leaders require more than just the ability to hit certain targets. Who a person is, and how they support the success of the team can be a far more impactful measure of performance.

Getting the Most Out of Performance Assessments

Identifying a person’s untapped potential within their team, increases employee engagement, leading to greater performance and results.

How Team Coaching Improves Performance

Often when we hear about leadership coaching, we automatically think of it as a one-on-one process designed to help the individual reach their goals. What we don’t usually consider is how executive coaching can be an opportunity for leadership teams to stretch beyond their current capabilities

5 Benefits of Leadership Team Coaching

Organisational success is a cumulative effort of individuals at every level. To build high levels of performance across an entire organisation requires a leadership team that is committed to bettering their own capabilities, as well as that of those they lead.