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TakeON! Approach

What is it? 

TakeON! is a program for improving business performance that gets people working together on what matters most.

  • The results are immediate and measurable.
  • TakeON! resources and concepts are easily woven into existing practices.
  • You own it, you lead it, it’s your take on what matters to your business now.

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Why is it different? 

Themes are approached in the context of current challenges the organisation is facing.

  • TakeON! encourages conversation over download and stories over opinions
  • It focuses first on what’s working and why. Learning is then applied to what needs fixing.
  • TakeON! transfers capability to your people as soon as possible.

Find out more about why TakeON! works.

When do you use it? 

Organisations use TakeON! in two ways. Either tactically to deal with a single issue such as change or productivity, or strategically to better prepare leaders and teams. 

Over the last decade, the TakeON! approach has been successful for banks, utilities, government agencies, retailers, FMCGs and other big corporates across the globe.

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The ON2net is a global online community for people who want to create better organisations. 

It’s made up of a mixture of open sharing spaces and private groups, which allows teams and members to collaborate freely and securely. By connecting to others both within and outside their own organisation, members derive great benefit from exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking. Find out more…

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