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leadership without silver bullets This book provides a fresh, honest examination of leadership today and how the industrial age leadership paradigm continues to dominate today and hinder performance. It outlines the type of leadership demanded for the future in the context of a new emerging paradigm and what you can do in your own organisation.

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Leadership Development This book is essential reading for anyone who is a leader, and for anyone who aspires to be a leader. In this book a diverse collection of world-renowned authorities on leadership describes how you can lead your organisation effectively to achieve high performance, high rewards and high personal satisfaction. Leadership is examined from multiple perspectives, including the cultural, the technological, the generational and downright practical. Phillip Ralph from The Leadership Sphere wrote the chapter ‘The Challenge of the Leadership Gap: A Systems-Thinking Framework and Process Map to Integrate Leadership, Strategy, Context and Action.

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world-book-of-values-300 This collaborative effort of 253 contributors (including Phillip Ralph) provides a multi-cultural window to values-driven humanity. The collection of inspiring essays will show you how values are present and indispensable in any given situation at any given time. The actual world is what we make of it; the future world is what we choose to create. Learn more

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