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Leadership without Silver Bullets

leadership development without silver bullets


A Guide To Exercising Leadership

This book aims to inspire and ignite leadership action that makes a difference for you, your organisation and the world we live in.

Its purpose is to clearly state the case for leadership and its importance to all of us at this time. At an organisational level, there is little doubt that real leadership is the ‘engine room’ of performance. In the absence of systemic, results-focused leadership, breakthrough performance and high commitment will not be achieved.

To make progress on our most significant issues, I believe that we need a new paradigm of leadership that supersedes the outdated industrial age leadership paradigm and liberates us from old ways of thinking about how to manage and lead people. A new paradigm needs to guide our actions and decisions in a constructive, values-driven way. It is one that will empower each of us to take full responsibility and accountability at all levels of organisations, in government, and in the community. Importantly, a new paradigm will create an environment of high levels of commitment and learning.

Leadership Without Silver Bullets: A Guide to Exercising Leadership will show you:

  • a fresh, honest examination of leadership today
  • why and how the industrial age leadership paradigm continues to dominate today and hinder performance
  • the type of leadership demanded for the future
  • an important new emerging paradigm and what you can do in your own organisation
  • leadership to successfully adapt

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