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Free 90 Minute Pulse Check



How does your team or organisation measure up on the quality

of direction, interaction, collaboration, trust and communication?


Introducing our

Free 90 Minute

Health Check

for your Leadership Team

powerful and complimentary session for your leadership team where you will have the opportunity to rigorously explore your team around

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leadership development free pulse check  leadership development number 1 What are we aiming for? 
 leadership development two How will we do it?
 leadership development three What’s my role?
 leadership development four Are we serious?
 leadership development five How are we doing? 

 These questions are framed in the context of three broad dimensions:

    1. Logical Connection
    2. Emotional Connection, and
    3. Brand Connection

which enable us to assess the tangible and intangible drivers of performance and health. 

To Consider

    1. What is the cost to you, your team and the organisation of your group not being a high performing team?
    2. How clear are you on the tangible and intangible drivers of performance and health – for you in your context?
    3. What difference would it make to your team to obtain an immediate uplift in performance by deploying some simple strategies?

The Free Pulse Check is a qualitative and quantitative tool that provides a snapshot view of team and business ‘connection’, presented in a way that uncovers issues and helps determine further action required, particularly in the areas of relationships, collaboration and trust.

These elements are often unspoken, or the ‘elephant in the room’. This session will help awaken people to hidden blocks to high performance and health.

Your Facilitator

phillip ralph leadership developmentThis 90-minute session, facilitated by Phillip Ralph, Managing Director of The Leadership Sphere, will cover the essential elements to support teams to be the best that they can be. Since TLS was founded in 2007, we have focused on three primary sectors including healthcare, banking and finance, and professional services firms. We understand the unique challenges within these industries.

Phillip has more than twenty years experience in consulting, coaching and facilitation working with leaders, teams and organisations. He helped lead the highly successful ANZ Breakout program for six years; has been a McKinsey facilitator; has attended Harvard to study with the best on leadership and change; and has written one book “Leadership Without Silver Bullets” with two more to be published in the near future.

Learn more about Phillip’s background

Perfect For

This session is ideal for people within the healthcare, banking and finance and professional services sector who are:

  • Time-poor and/or experience resource constraints
  • Have competing strategic and operational demands
  • Need their team(s) to be performing to a high level

You may choose to bring your team together for this session or you may be a group of leaders who would benefit from the insights about your respective teams or the division/organisation overall.

The Outcome

  • Receive your own Customised Planner 
  • Learn how to do more with less
  • Bring collaboration, trust and communication to a new level
  • Identify other critical areas for action


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