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Distinctive Execution Program

Insight, Clarity, Action

Bridging the Gap

The key to achieving exemplary execution is to integrate leadership, strategy and execution.

The Distinctive Execution Program© supports leaders and teams to meet and exceed their strategic priorities, goals and targets through effective leadership and team processes.

The Leadership Gap

the-leadership-gapEvery manager and CEO knows the impact of poor execution. At best, it can be a drain on your time and resources. At worst, it can block your ability to meet individual, team and organisational targets and aspirations. This can result in serious consequences for your customers and indeed your staff.

Even though many organisations have moved on from simple hierarchical management approaches of the last century, all organisations today face the challenge of the leadership gap (see right).

The Program

The program is comprised of a series of activities that have been demonstrated to support leaders and teams to meet their most pressing priorities and objectives and involves the following:

  1. INSIGHT: Discovery – interviews (or survey) to understand the current context, engage team members/leaders and set a solid foundation.
  2. CLARITY: Two-day Immersion – key topics covered include:
    • Understanding the strategic context
    • Addressing Discovery outcomes
    • Team dynamics (trust, conflict, communication)
    • Team mechanics (e.g. team meetings, roles and responsibilities)
    • Roadmap – critical success factors established with a pragmatic and achievable roadmap
  3. ACTION: Two half-day sessions – skill building and follow up. Two Mentoring sessions per participant  – focused sessions to support leadership, change and execution.

What does the Distinctive Execution Program© address?

The Distinctive Execution Program© is effective by:

  • Ensuring priorities and goals are implemented
  • Creating leaders and teams that are aligned and performing well
  • Increase readiness and agility for change
  • Foster the right behaviours
  • Enhance levels of personal fulfilment engagement and resilience.

Who is the Program for?

  • Executive/Leadership Teams
  • Teams/working groups who share a strategy/approach
  • Project teams/working parties/committees
  • Individual Practice Leaders and their senior partners
  • Industry specialist teams/workgroups who share a strategy/approach
  • Functional specialists who share a strategy/approach (e.g. sales teams)

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