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Team Development

Program Overview

Team Development focuses on building effective teams along with real leadership as the most important drivers of organizational performance. We know that in many contexts real teams can produce extraordinary performance beyond what those same individuals could achieve acting in isolation. However we know from working with thousands of teams over a long period that becoming a high performing team requires ongoing commitment, focus and support.

We subscribe to the general principles articulated by authors Jon Katzenbach and Douglas Smith (The Wisdom of Teams) who suggest the qualities that distinguish a high performance team from other ordinary teams can be summed up as follows: 

  • A deeper sense of purpose
  • Relatively more ambitious performance goals compared to the average teams
  • Better work approaches
  • Mutual accountability; acknowledgement of their joint accountability towards a common purpose in addition to individual obligations to their specific roles
  • Complementary skill set, and at times interchangeable skills

 Modules Include:

  • Discovery (generally done before any program and includes the identification of team purpose, strengths, weaknesses, ‘undiscussible issues’ and 12 month goals)
  • Building trust (transactional/relationship)
  • Effective communication, including how to have difficult conversations
  • How to give and receive feedback
  • Building resilience through managing energy effectively
  • Feedback and Coaching Skills
  • How to building an effective team
  • Decision Making
  • Creative Conflict and productive disequilibrium
  • Establishing common working approaches
  • Team norms (embedded through behaviours, symbols and systems)
  • Methods for using team meetings effectively
  • Establish team purpose, vision and values
  • Creating shared leadership and accountability
  • Setting challenging and inspiring performance goals
  • Developing individual leadership qualities
  • Creating the most appropriate team mix with the right combination of skills

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